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Applied Thinking and Professionalism

Founded in 2008, MBH Financial Services has more than 22 years of comprehensive accounting and business experience.

Our full turnkey solution includes accounting, auditing, taxation, secretarial and additional bespoke requirements. We strive to go above and beyond by delivering professional, reliable and affordable services, whilst at all times ensuring activities are compliant with the relevant laws and regulations.

All work is completed with extreme attention to detail, timeously and within budget. With our motivated and qualified clerks handling your financial matters with integrity and professionalism, you are free to direct your attention to growing your business. At MBH, we go the extra mile by offering you the best advise and guidance for making the right decisions.

MBH prides itself in offering aspiring young accountants the opportunity to reach their goals, specifically providing SAIPA article clerks the tools and necessary workplace experience to complete their training to enable them to further their careers.

Our stable of clients includes individuals, trusts, small, medium and large companies, each receiving the same individual attention.

About, Vision & Mission: Who We Are
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Trusted Service, Impeccable Results

The South African business, accounting and tax environment is an ever-changing one which means it is imperative to keep up with legislation. In order to thrive as a business, it is necessary to look ahead and forecast to better understand the trends and forces which will shape your business.

As a registered tax practitioner and specialising in company and individual tax returns, we ensure full compliance with the latest legislation. There has been much implementation of new legislation, for example the Consumer Protection Act, which affects the future of businesses and individuals alike and where advise from professional tax consultants can prove to be invaluable in limiting potential risks.

Our on-going vision at MBH is to assist our clients by offering the best financial and tax guidance to help them with their long-term goals, sustainability and growth.

About, Vision & Mission: Mission


Our mission statement enforces our purpose as a company and is the standard against which we weigh our actions, decisions and conduct.

  • Professionalism

  • Applied Thinking

  • Accessibility

  • Sound value and beliefs

  • Planning

  • Learning

  • Training and upskilling

  • Inspiring people

About, Vision & Mission: Text


Our vision serves as the framework for our mission and guides every aspect of our business by clearly defining what we strive to accomplish on order to continue achieving sustainable quality growth for us and our clients.

Employees:   To create an environment where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

Service portfolio:   To put together a portfolio of services which will anticipate and satisfy your needs.

Productivity:   To be a highly effective and fast-moving practice

Clients:   We see ourselves as a partner in your business.

Training:   Up-skilling and empowering all employees and clients

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Our culture defines our attitude and actions and will assist us in achieving our 2020 Vision.

Leadership:   The courage to take on the future and make a difference

Integrity:   Be Honest

Accountability:   My actions and inactions are my consequences

Passion:   Committed in heart and mind

Quality:   What we do we will endeavour to excel

Knowledge:   We will learn everyday and apply what we have learned

About, Vision & Mission: Text


Always maintain our focus on the needs of you, our clients.

Be better informed about you and your business and the market, and always to be listening, observing and learning from our environment.

Focused on the task at hand and always getting the job done.

Be forever curios and hungry for new skills and knowledge.

We always strive to put our clients needs first!

About, Vision & Mission: Text


Our goals are to always work as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure the best service is always offered to our clientele.

Always act with urgency and efficiency.

Remain adaptable and responsive to change.

Have the skills, knowledge and intuition to change course when needed.

Constantly go over and evaluate our work, in order to learn from our outcomes and build on the successes and minimise any failures in future. 

About, Vision & Mission: Text
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